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Re: Ronaldo
« Reply #15 on: 22-11-2015, 20:02:45 »
Well that's Benitez done now. I was listening last week to a jounalist, can't remember who. Whether it was Sid Lowe or Hunter or someone like that. But basically said that he won't be sacked because of a defeat to Bara, if it happened. But that if he did lose, he more than likely wouldn't be there next season. He was under pressure but because the president brought him in, he won't change him mid-season. However fail to get a win here and he wouldn't be in line for next season. A 0-4 hammering may change how quickly he goes but it's certain he has no long term future.

To top that, Ronaldo's scoring rate hasn't been great. He has something like 8 in 12. Sounds good but 5 of those came in one match against Espanyol. So his stats are actually 3 in 11 which is nowhere near good. Not in any striker's terms but more so his.